nieve color vindio

¿What´s it?


Vindio is a character who takes children to a place where mythological celt beings live.

A place where nature and the beauty of an untouched world by humans, remains.

Word "Vindio" take its name from a mountain called so by celts because of the snow that covers it.

There for, Vindio, in Celtic (Spanish northen dialect) means "white".

"From" • "To"

"White is the canvas where to draw those fantasies".

Fantasies becomed a reality to the different clients and companies I have worked for or collaborated with.

This site works as a portfolio; "Color Vindio" does not mean to me only what I have explained before because if you take a closer look the first two consonats "C · V" means "Curriculum Vitae"; at the end a personal porfolio it is nothing but a C.V.

Color Vindio

Works shown in this site have been made for final clients and also for companies I have worked in or colaborated with. Many others can not be shown in order to cumply with Spanish intellectual property law; nowadays it is impossible to ask those clients for a permission if I can show those proyects because these companies have closed down.

These web pages show some of the many final crafts I have designed and made. There for every single piece of work shown in this website has a copyright and rights that can be claimed by its owner. Please, do read "L.G.P.D."

nieve color vindio