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• A logo (symbols and/or logotype) is a graphic mark to aid and promote instant public recognition. It is the most basic element to distinguish organizations, companies, ...

It is really important that a logo must be easily recognize and well readable even when its size is very small.

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Ilustrations are one of the most graphic resources used by graphic designers and advertisement companies.

They can be used in any kind of support as in a book, magazine, game tape, movie or it can be a great fun for kids when they open a book.

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Desktop Publishing

Desktop publising is the creation of documents using page layout skills and it can be:

  • - Books, magazines, etc.
  • - Illustration, graphic design or/and photo retouching skills, also to choose the right type of paper and many other things.

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    • Being the world wide web a vast place to found and to be found, it is really important to be distinguish with a quality design from the others. Also it is important other issues as a plannig, development also an implemetation towards a good SEO e.g.

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    Corporate Designs

    • A corporate design is the official graphical design of the brand in every kind of support, on letterheads, envelopes, web pages, folders, mass media adds, ...

    The house style is created in such a way that all the elements (colours, typography, designs,...) are arranged in a distinctive way.

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    • Nowadays we can not think about a billboard as something static outside by a road or in a street.

    It can be dynamic and animated it is called "e-poster" in a website, blog, etc.

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